ORC Week 2: Choosing Paint With AT

It’s week two of the One Room Challenge, and I wish I had something exciting to report. I have made ZERO PROGRESS on the guest room. I may have messed the space up more, but NO progress towards the actual design. I am at a standstill because I am waiting to hear back from a company regarding the wallpaper proposal I sent out at the beginning of March. I hope to get the wallpaper sponsored since it can be rather expensive.

I mentioned on Instagram that I had the opportunity to work with brands during the challenge. I wanted to provide some background and be as transparent as possible. Since I knew I wanted to participate in the One Room Challenge at the beginning of 2022, I started reaching out to brands I wanted to work with directly to introduce myself, send my media kit, share my design concept and ask if they would like to collaborate. Did some brands say no or did not respond? YES. Did some brands say yes? YES!!!! I’m honestly shocked at how accepting and supportive everyone has been regarding my participation in the One Room Challenge.

As with everything I share on my platforms, I stand by the products and brands I work with. I’ve connected with some brands organically and some brands the One Room Challenge joined me with! I specifically reached out to brands that deliver quality products while also having amazing people working for them. The brands intrigued me by their mission statements and how friendly they are working with influencers/content creators. Please know that every collaboration or sponsorship is done with tremendous thought and care.

The Brands

I wanted to share more about the great brands and humans I will work with on this project. I am genuinely excited about it and think you will fall in love with them too!

  • Paint Company – Hound Paint – Their founder, Niki, is a paint formulator and product development specialist. Hound Paint is on a mission to make paint buying simple, inspirational, and eco-friendly. A percentage of all their profits go to local and national animal rescue organiations.
  • Paint Brushes – FreeForm Brushes – They are committed to reinventing everyday tools in ergonomic ways through observation, innovation, and thoughtful design. You can find their brushes at walmart. They keep your hand from cramping up while painting!
  • Rug – Loloi Rugs – I LOVE Loloi Rugs. They are just gorgeous. I got the opportunity to work with them last summer for the primary bedroom refresh I did. I am thrilled they want to work with me and send one of their rugs my way.
  • Sheets – Brooklinen – There is a REASON they are the internets favorite sheets. I bought a hardcore bundle with my own money last year when I redid the bedroom and I’m a total convert. I absoluetly love their sheets and am excited to have a nice set for my guests. If you are interested in Brooklinen, you can use “livingwiththelamberts” for $20 off your order of over $100!
  • Ceiling Fan – Hunter Fan Company – Hunter Fans is a favorite among DIYers. I’ve loved their modern designs and know they treat content creators fairly. I’m excited to install one of their Hepburn fans.
  • Table Lights – Blueprint Lighting – I am particularly excited about this one. Kelly is Chief Luminary and co-found of Blueprint Lighting. Each piece is handcrafted and customized to the client’s liking.

I lied…there was ONE piece of the puzzle decided

I do have a backup design as far as wallpaper. This weekend, I decided that regardless of what happens with the proposal I sent out, I want my guestroom Chesapeake Oyster. I feel like it’s the perfect color, and I want to go with my gut on this one. The paint is ordered, so hopefully, it will arrive soon so we can get this party started!

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