Use Rub n Buff To Update a Faucet

chrome to antique gold bathroom faucet

Now that I know I can transform faucets with Rub n Buff – no chrome fixtures are safe in my house! I am not a fan of chrome fixtures for whatever reason. I prefer matte black, or gold fixtures, which I am sure will go back out of style in a few years, but oh well. I like them in my home!

I could have swapped out the faucet in this vanity, but I wanted to see if I could turn it gold with Rub n Buff. I’ve used Rub n Buff on curtain rods and other metals, but never on a fixture that has traffic. I have spray painted my kitchen sink faucet before (click HERE for the blog post) but never used Rub n Buff. So naturally, I had to give it a try! This project was one of my DIYs for my moody, fun half bathroom project


  1. Rub n Buff – I used Antique Gold
  2. Sandpaper – high grit will do
  3. Foam Craft Brush
  4. Gloves to protect your hands
  5. Painters Tape
  6. Plastic Drop Cloth
  7. Varathane 11 oz. Clear Semi-Gloss Oil-Based Interior Polyutherane Spray

The first and final steps are the most important! The key to this project is to make sure you sand down the spout well after you clean the faucet! This step allows the Rub n Buff to adhere to the metal of the faucet. Also – the polyutherane spray allows the Rub n Buff to stay put and not transfer when using the tap.

Step by Step Directions

  1. Clean the faucet with rubbing alcohol and a cloth
  2. Using sandpaper, sand the surface of the faucet well
  3. Wipe off sandpaper residue with a clean microfiber cloth
  4. Using a foam brush, apply the Rub n Buff in small, even strokes until surface is covered
  5. Allow Rub n Buff to dry for 25 minutes
  6. Make a small hole in the drop cloth to place the faucet through and use the remainder of the cloth to cover anything you do not wanted sprayed by the polyutherane
  7. Approximately 12 or more inches away, spray the faucet with the polyutherane until the surface is completely covered.
  8. Allow 2 to 4 hours for the polyutherane to dry, then remove drop cloth

Oil-based polyutherane dries FASTER than water-based. Also, Semi-Gloss is more durable on well-trafficked surfaces like faucets or handles than Satin.

Chrome faucet transformed with Antique Gold Rub n Buff

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Would you use Rub n Buff in your home? Let me know in the comments below

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  1. I love this idea and it turned out amazing! how did you get underneath the part that lifts to turn the faucet on?

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