How to Install Unpasted Wallpaper

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I know you will NOT believe me, but wallpapering is NOT as hard as it seems—especially unpasted wallpaper. I thought my first wallpaper project would be peel and stick, but I jumped right into unpasted! Other friends who DIY shared that they felt unpasted wallpaper was easier to install because you can manipulate paper strips easier than peel and stick options.

Of course, I had to go BOLD for my first wallpaper install. I chose this modern, moody pattern from Photowall. Photowall made the installation process seamless by numbering each panel and providing a tool kit with everything you need from project start to finish. I transformed my powder room with this pattern (you can see the evolution of the powder room HERE).

Gather Your Wallpaper Supplies

I used a wallpaper kit available at check out on Photowall, but here is what you need from your local home improvement store.

The key and success in wallpapering is to go slow, take breaks, and be patient with yourself. I found when I was rushing or tired, I got sloppy.

Step one: Prepare the strips so you know which one goes next.

Step two: Apply wallpaper paste the length and width of each panel using the paste brush

Step three: Smooth each panel after aligning it correctly with a wallpaper smooth and edge roller

Step four: Continue doing this until you get to the end of the wall and cut off excess

Step five: Using the utility knife and smoother, cut off the excess at the top and bottom of the panel

What about outlets?

What do you do when you stumble upon an outlet you may ask? I have a trick for you. Allow the wallpaper to cover the outlet and using your hands, feel for the middle of outlet. You will want to point a small hole with the utility knife and then make diagonal cuts to the outline of the outlet. Then peel back the little triangles and cut them and THERE you go!

See the full Instagram Reel HERE!

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