Blah to WOW Powder Room Update

This bathroom has been a few stages of design. I cannot say they were all pretty either! I feel like the stages of my powder room are precisely WHY we should stick to our gut about what we want to do with a space. When I saw this tiny powder room, I knew I wanted wallpaper above the beadboard, but it did not fit into the immediate budget as other products took priority. So I decided to pick up a paintbrush and see what I could do on a budget.

Phase 1 – Sponge Wall Design with Leftover Sherwin Williams Repose Gray Paint

Alright. I am making fun of myself here. If you are a Type A perfectionist, I think it is safe to say this project is not for you. I did the sponge wall at the beginning of quarantine in 2020 when it was tReNdY on the ‘gram. I pretty much hated it from the start and felt like the individual lines were the number of days since COVID-19 started. It was safe to say everyone who had a home blog/DIY account was doing this, and I got bit by the bug.

If you have a sponge wall in your home and love it – I am THRILLED for you. This particular design was just not for me. Every time I went to use the bathroom, I felt like all the imperfections were staring at my face.

Phase 2 – Paint over Sponge Wall with Leftover Sherwin Williams Dard Hunter Green

I LOVED this color in our guestroom (see guestroom makeover and accent wall here ), and I still had half a can leftover from the last project. I needed something to cover my half-butt sponge scribbles. I liked the moody color of the green. I felt it made the small space look bigger and not smaller than some previously thought. While I was getting closer to my “goal,” I still was not 100% happy with it.

Phase 3 – Moody & Bold Wallpaper of my Dreams

The above photos are why I encourage anyone to trust their gut with a design. When I saw this room, I knew it would benefit from wallpaper, and my goodness was I right. The wallpaper is Ivy Dark Grey from Photowall. I spent countless hours looking at Photowall’s website for moody wallpaper to complete the fun, bold, funky modern bathroom look I was looking for. Photowall reached out to collaborate with me, and it was the answer to my prayers.

I really enjoyed wallpapering. I had never wallpapered before, so I was a bit intimidated. Honestly, like most DIY projects, it’s more mind over matter. I wrote a post here on how to wallpaper.

You can also see the Instagram reel HERE!

What do you think of this wallpaper? Please let me know in the comments.

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