Guest Bathroom Refresh – How to Paint Cabinets & Frame Mirror

Emerald Green Cabinets

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS BLOG POST! I FINALLY updated our guest bathroom! While I may switch out some shower hardware, boob lights, and tiling (eventually), I am just thrilled to get the fun stuff DONE. I wanted to update this room since we first toured the house but had ZERO motivation to paint the entire bathroom. Thank goodness for Frame My Mirror. They sent me a gorgeous frame for my builder grade mirror, which lit a fire under my booty to transform this room.

First, let’s talk about cabinets. I do not know where this idea came from, but I had aspirations to paint our vanity emerald green, which is BOLD for our home. Everything is white or gray, but I’ve seen photos of it on Pinterest and knew I had to try it. I looked at paint colors for MONTHS. Really. I am not kidding. With the help of a friend, I finally found the perfect color, which solidified my choice. I also never painted cabinets before, so I was quite scared to take on this project. However, trust me, if I can tackle this task…YOU CAN DO! I am here to walk you through my process in transformation our vanity from white to Behr Rainforest

How To Paint Cabinets

  1. Prep the cabinets: Take off all the hardware, drawers out of the vanity, and cabinet doors off.
  2. Prime the cabinets. I did not sand the cabinets. I am sure a lot of blogs out there would recommend you sand using 220 grit paper. I am lazy. A good primer is a GAMECHANGER if you are like me. I used Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3. I primed the cabinet doors, the vanity itself, and the toe board at the bottom. I ended up priming and letting it dry overnight based on the project’s timing, but you could probably prime and wait 1-2 hours before you start to paint.
  3. Paint the cabinets! I bought a quart of Behr Ultra Paint in Rainforest. I suggest getting two brushes and paint rollers made for cabinet painting to make the job easy and create smooth lines. I bought these two brushes: Wooster 2 in. Shortcut Angle Sash Brush and Wooster 1-1/2 in. Pro Nylon/Polyester Thin Angle Brush. I also bought this 3-Piece High-Density Foam Mini Paint Trim Kit. I also love my little reusable paint cup that comes in handy for trim work. I rolled the larger flat surfaces and hand-painted the smaller spaces and trim. I put two coats on the cabinets and waited about two hours in-between coats.
  4. Allow 12-24 hours to dry to be safe, then reattach the drawers and cabinets.
  5. Get fun hardware! Amazon is awesome for inexpensive hardware options. I ended up going with these super fun ones.
  6. That’s it! It was not so hard, was it. I will say…if I were painting more than just a vanity, I would invest in a paint sprayer but a smaller project; handwork is just fine.

Elevating Your Builder Grade Mirror with Frame My Mirror

I am a SUPER fan of Frame My Mirror. What a freaking AWESOME idea to upcycle your everyday builder grade mirror. They provide quality, easy-to-assemble frames that attach with a sticky adhesive. No drilling or complicated application process is needed! They have tons of styles to fit your taste on their website and send you samples for $1 with free shipping! I love being actually able to see the product in person before committing to purchase. They also offer collections of Framed Mirrors, LED Mirrors, and Decorative Mirrors.

I had two samples sent to me and ended up choosing the Weston Gold Add-A-Frame for my guest bathroom. The ordering process was straightforward and they walk you through how to get the dimensions needed for a perfect fit frame. I genuinely was shocked at how easy it was! The frame also took less than five minutes to assemble once it arrived at my house. Kyle and I were easily able to place it on our mirror with no problems what so ever. I am already taking inventory of the mirrors in our house to add another frame too!

Guess What?!? Frame My Mirror also gave me a 15% coupon code and free shipping to share with you. Enter “Kylie15” for some extra goodness at checkout!

Before & After of the Guest Bathroom

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