Tips For Reorganizing Your Closet

LOVE a good closet organization project. Even as a teenager, I have always enjoyed cleaning out my closet and getting it to a tidy order. Although we only moved in seven months ago, I felt the closet was becoming a mess. I have been itching to purge and felt like this was a PERFECT time to get honest about my wardrobe, clothing, and organization strategies. I had so much fun with my closet that I wanted to share with YOU ways to get your closet in order and help you LOVE all the clothing you see hanging in it!

Step 1 : Take EVERYTHING out of your closet. It is easier to reorganize when you start with a clear space.

Step 2: Take all of your clothing off of hangers and toss mismatched hangers. There is something about using all of the same hooks that makes your closet just SING with joy. Amazon has a great pack of durable hangers. You can find them here.

Step 3: CLEAN YOUR CLOSET! I know this sounds silly, but this is a perfect time to dust those baseboards and clean off the shelves. It is incredible how much dust can accumulate into space barely used.

Step 4: My favorite step – start purging and going through your clothing. If it has holes,  has stains, is uncomfortable to wear, or is too large/small…TOSS IT! You deserve to have clothes hanging in your closet that you love and make you feel FANTASTIC. I have been guilty of holding on to clothing, but all it does is gather dust. It is just taking up physical and emotional space!

Step 5: Get those pretty clothes on their hangers and get them back into your closet! I like to organize my closet in rainbow order by types of clothing, meaning I hang my dresses together and organize them by colors, then my tops, pants, shirts, etc. Ultimately, you need to find a system that works for you. If you would rather just organize everything by color and mixing tops, dresses, skirts – that is completely fine. It is best to find a system that is sustainable to YOUR lifestyle. I’ve seen professional organizers divide tops into subcategories like tank tops, t-shirts, sweaters. This system does not work for me. I find when I organize all my tops by color instead of types, I can curate outfits faster and spend less time moaning about how I have nothing to wear.

Additional Tips, Tricks & Thoughts

  • Going back to the whole “if it has holes, stains, or is uncomfortable throw it out” thing. I am SERIOUS! We sustain enough pressure in our life as it is. We do NOT need to feel more self-conscious than we already do about our appearance and clothing. I know it is hard to get rid of clothing, but I guarantee you can find an inexpensive piece to replace the well-worn item at Target or Walmart.
  • Get creative with storage solutions. I love using baskets to put my swimsuit or accessories in and getting some storage space back in dressers. I found these super cute ones at Target that added some flair to my closet. I also LOVE to use command hooks whenever possible. I use them to hang crossbody purses, totes, hats, belts, and ties in our closet. It is a great way to unclutter shelves!
  • Consider selling your well-loved clothing to a site like ThreadUp or through the Poshmark app. I love selling my items on Poshmark to make some extra cash or purchase clothing I have wanted to add to my wardrobe. I usually divide my “get rid of pile” into two sections: Goodwill and Poshmark. If I have items that are sitting on Poshmark for too long without any hits, I ultimately will take it to Goodwill.
  • I talked about this on Instagram, but I will go into this in more detail here. UNDERWEAR FRIENDS. I am TALKING ABOUT YOUR UNDERWEAR DRAWER. Listen, I am guilty of holding onto underwear for too long, but I made it mission in 2020 to invest in high quality, comfortable undergarments. If you have underpants from high school/college…THROW IT OUT. If you have underwear that has holes in it…THROW IT OUT. If you have underwear that is just plain worn out, has stains, or is uncomfortable…THROW IT OUT! Listen…I am not above any of these statements. I had underwear that I had in college still lingering around. I had underwear that had stains (do not act like you do not know what I am talking about). I had “sleeping underwear” (I know you also know what I mean) that was just pain UGLY and worn out. If your underwear could cause any type of embarrassment if someone snooped through your drawers, then it is time to invest in YOURSELF. I know undergarments are one of those weird things we do not like to spend our hard-earned money on but trust me, it is so important to feel cozy and confident in your underwear because it is something we wear every day (or we don’t…and MORE POWER TO YOU IF YOU DON’T).
    • Since we are talking about underwear, I wanted to round up some of my favs if you are in the market for some.
      • Bras: My favorite are these from Natori. You can purchase these bras at Nordstrom and often discounted during the anniversary sale, which is coming soon. I swear to whoever your higher power is that these are the comfiest underwire bras I have found and owned. I also hear rave reviews from friends on bras from Soma as well.
      • Underwear: Aerie is my favorite for all types of lingerie. They recently rebranded a few years ago and are working hard at appealing to a more mature crowd as opposed to just teenagers. I’ve heard fantastic things about their Real Me line and will be placing an order soon. I also found that the CORRECT SIZE also makes a difference in how I feel about my underwear. I am typical “in-between” sizes and notice when I do size up; I am MUCH happier. I recommend this to everyone to try moving up a size and seeing how they feel.

The Final Reveal!

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