Spray Painting Kitchen Hardware

Well, little did I realize this project was going to SO NERVE-WRACKING! I also thought spray painting was supposed to be “easy.” Boy, was I wrong! I will admit, I almost gave up on this project. I used the laundry room hardware as my “testers,” and I did not realize there was a technique to spray paint. I overdid it, sprayed too close, and it just looked like a mess. Luckily, I kept with it, THANK FROM THE HELP OF MY FRIENDS FOR THEIR SUPPORT, and I am so glad I did because I feel our kitchen looks SO MUCH better! 


I know, I know. It looks good, but silver just is NOT my jam. I wanted to give the kitchen a little pop and favor my design style some more. My husband was skeptical of the change and my ability to spray paint a faucet while still in our kitchen! He told me he wanted “no part” in this project, so I was flying solo!


Steps for Spraying Hardware

  1. Take off all your hardware and washed them with hot water and dish soap
  2. Sand them down with sandpaper to assist the spray paint in sticking to metal
  3. Spray with primer and allow at least 30 minutes for the primer to dry
  4. Spray two coats of black spray paint and allow 30 minutes for the paint to dry
  5. Spray matte finish
  6. Allow at least 12 hours to dry

Steps for Spraying Faucet

The same steps apply, but the prep work looks a little different. I made sure to cover my kitchen floor to ceiling with a drop cloth to ensure I did not deface it! I also used frog tape to get VERY close to the base of the faucet and cover the sink area to avoid any unwanted paint to harm the granite. I then cut holes in the drop cloth to put the valve through, and then I secure the drop cloth with frog tape again. 

Not going to lie, spray painting the faucet in the kitchen was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I also used a cardboard box that I cut one of the sides out to spray the faucet to avoid any extra mess or potential dangers to my all-white kitchen. I think if I were to do this again, I would just use a large piece of cardboard behind the portion I am spraying to catch additional mess.

I also bought a small can of Rust-Oleum Rust 1 Qt. Protective Enamel and a small paint brush to use for touch-ups or any spots I did not cover well during the spray paint process.

I am curious to see how it all holds up over time and plan to keep you updated!

Matte Black Reveal!

Are you a fan of the matte black?! If I can spray paint my faucet…SO CAN YOU! Please let me know if you decide to do this and tag me at @livingwiththelamberts !

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