ORC 2020: Cozy Chic Office Update

Let’s talk about my home office! I always knew I wanted to transform this room since we moved in, but did not realize how relevant this would be given the global pandemic we are currently experiencing. The more time I spent in the room, the more I needed to get my butt in gear and get the office to my liking. I always do better when I am held accountable, so the One Room Challenge was the PERFECT reason to get motivated to take on this room.

My home office is actually our formal dining room. While I love the idea of a dining room, I did not believe it would be the most productive use of space in our home. We LOVE to have people over, but usually, for the outdoor, porch sitting, smores roasting kind of fun instead of a dinner party. I love the natural lighting and floor-length windows this space gets, so I wanted to take full advantage of this room.

Here are some BEFORE photos of the space right after we moved in

I know some people loved the blue, but it was NOT ME. The rest of the downstairs is Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, and I felt like the contrast was too much for me, who is a self-proclaimed neutral lover. The light fixture also needed to be swapped out to fit with the theme and flow of our house. Our downstairs is open-concept, and I wanted the home to flow from room to room when people are moving throughout the rooms. I did however, LOVE the wallpaper wall and decided I could not part with it.

First order of business was painting the room Repose Gray!

Next up was switching out the lighting for a more softer touch and painting the mirror on the wallpaper wall white from black.

I also reorganized the piece of furniture I had in the window and turned it on its side to mimic a “bookshelf” instead of a horizontal shelf. I always envisioned a pretty chair or cute bench in the window but knew I still needed something to hold documents, office supplies, and our printer.

Now came the fun part! BUYING FURNITURE and decorating. I wanted my office to include personal touches, so I dedicated a corner to hold my diplomas and my first and last day of school photos. Kyle gave me this idea, and I just ADORE it. The images are taken 18.5 years apart. It is incredible how much growth (literally and figuratively) I’ve done in those 18 years. I love that it is a visual reminder to keep making my 5 and 23-year-old self proud.

I also wanted to showcase Penelope, the Peace Lily, who was given to my dad when his mother passed away two years ago. She was my favorite person and the woman who was most supportive of my career choice. She found my classes, internships, and job so exciting and never forget to tell me just how proud she was of me. I do NOT have a green thumb and kill most of my plants, but Penelope keeps thriving. I like to think she is there looking over me.

BEFORE I show you the final transformation…I do need to talk about my organization hack. I need a paper shredder in my office for confidential documents, but let’s be honest, it is an ugly piece of office equipment. I wanted it in easy reach so I knew I needed to figure out a way to store it…enter Serena and Lily La Jolla Basket! This basket is the PERFECT size to put my paper shredder in.

Alright…ENOUGH OF MY TALKING. Here is the finished product! Cozy Chic Transformation IT IS!

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