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Hey everyone! I am writing this post after I spent the day cleaning our kitchen and giving it some good love for the week ahead. I will admit, owning a home has made me more neurotic about how “clean” I like it. I am just so proud of it and what to keep it in tip-top shape. Now, if only I could get Kyle to get behind this as well ;).

I wanted to share with you some products in our kitchen and how we put this space to good use. I will admit it is petite compared to the rest of the house. Out of all the houses we looked at, it was the smallest kitchen we saw and has an electric stove instead of a gas. We were drawn in my white cabinets and new appliances and decided we could make it work. Maybe one day, we will extend the kitchen and put a big old island in, but right now, it is perfect for the two of us.

I am considering ripping out the cabinets along the wall with the windows and doing open wooden shelving to make the space seem bigger. I would also love to install a big white porcelain farmhouse sink, but those are things that can wait for the time being. I feel like I need to live in the home longer than three months to commit to a considerable redesign like that. Patience really is a virtue.

I have contemplated so much about whether my kitchen is “boring” based on the lack of decor, but when it comes to a kitchen space, I enjoy clean lines and fresh feeling, mainly because our kitchen is so small. I am debating decorating the tops of our cabinets. What do you think?!

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