The Attic Incident of 2019

Well…it would not be normal for Kyle and me to do something without a minor disaster attached. Our first “mishap” occurred just 72 hours after our house was legally ours. I spent the first 72 hours of home-owning sleeping approximately six hours and running on Nespresso pods. I was determined to unpack every single box and get the house in some working order by Monday. We closed on a Friday. Did you read my first post? Yes, I am an overzealous Type-Aer who is mostly a mix of Monica Geller and Leslie Knope.

I could not sit still, and Kyle was CLEARLY not on my time schedule that weekend. I asked him, very politely, I might add, to help me take some boxes up to the attic. Well, he was busy working on getting my label maker in tip-top shape, but I wanted the boxes up in the attic NOW. So I did what any sane human being would do, just do it myself.

I was on my last box and walking down the climb down the attic and complete my task, and then I fell. I am one of the clumsiest people ever, and there was a loose beam in the attic walkway. Luckily I was able to grab ahold of a piece of wood, so I did not completely fall…but this still happened.

I need to clarify that I FELL because when Kyle tells this story, he tells people I stepped through the attic. They always proceed to say, “you know you are not supposed to step on the insulation, right?” Yes, I do shockingly know this, but I fell!

All I could do was scream, “I did something bad; I did something bad.” Kyle took one look, stormed out of the house, was gone for an hour, and returned with a million items from Home Depot. If you really want to test your relationship, step through an attic, and see what happens. I am kidding, please don’t do that. I do not want to get sued. 

I did, however, find out that Kyle has magical handyman talents because he worked tirelessly on patching the ceiling for two weeks instead of calling a contractor (we just bought a house – help me I’m poor). He was able to get cut a piece of drywall boards with an electric saw and patch them to the ceiling using DryDex Spackling. He may have gone to Sherwin-Williams five times to figure out what “white” was the right color. Who knew that matching whites would be so hard! But I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH HIM! I cannot believe he knew how even to fix the ceiling!

So here is my appreciation. Kyle, I love you endlessly, and you continuously surprised by all your secret talents. I am thankful you are mine <3

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