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I love our living space! It is definitely the heart and soul of our home and the area we spend the most time in. I love the gray walls against the subway tiles lining the fireplace and white mantle. I do also enjoy the white shiplap, but is mostly covered by the biggest TV Kyle could fit up there. When we moved in, we had five different TVs, and none of them were “good enough” for our new home (insert eye roll here).

Funny story, that rug was bought to go under our bed in the bedroom. It is 10×14. Our bedroom is basically that size. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Luckily we were able to repurpose it for our living room where it became the perfect size. I am not allowed to rebuy rugs without Kyle confirming I am buying the appropriate size. At least I’m cute, right?

I wanted to link our living room furniture and decor in a post. As I continue to change and buy new things, I will updated as necessary, but I wanted a place I could refer to with all the items I have purchased thus far. I want my home to be “shopable” and nothing makes me happier than when people ask where I got something from.

Living Room Shopping List

Our sectional is no longer for sale on Wayfair but this one is similar in color, size, and price point
Size: 10×14

Don’t see an item you are interested in liked here? Please ask and I will be happy to let you know where I found it!

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