Welcome to Living With The Lamberts

I cannot believe I am even doing this! I still have imposter syndrome every day since I started our Instagram account on January 19, 2020. I jokingly told Kyle I should start an Instagram to document our adventures in homeowning and never thought that I would be writing my first ever blog post. Pinch me, PLEASE!

I figured I would start with some introductions and the “why” behind this crazy idea of mine. Kyle and I bought our first home in December 2019. I did NOT want to buy a house. I wanted to stay in our little townhome and avoid all the troubles of the world (kidding, but not kidding). We have talked about our “dream home” many times, but it ultimately ended up with me huffing and puffing about how “we will never find a home because we don’t agree on everything.” We would send listings back and forth and even spent weekends driving around Raleigh looking at neighborhoods, but we always left defeated and hangry. At one point, I even said to Kyle, “just pick out a home. I am sure you will do a better job than I will.”

…did I ever believe that would actually come true? No. I would never allow Kyle to “win” on this, but boy did he EVER. He randomly sent me a listing for our house, and I knew it was the one. Within two weeks, we saw the house and put the offer in. We found out in “The Happiest Place on Earth” (if you know me…could that be more magical?!) that the offer was accepted and the house would be ours in a month and a half.

The fun ONLY began there where my anxiety-fueled, Type-A, overly zealous techniques took over to making our house a home. I am always asked, “how do you describe your decor style?” Well, this is a good question because I am kind of all over the place. I gravitate towards the “cozy modern farmhouse” vibe. I am a lover for neutrals and rarely decorate with color inside of my home. I want my home to be cozy but not overly cluttered. I also teeter something between farmhouse and boho. Is that even a thing?! I am also trying my hand at DIYs. These are the types of styles, vibes, posts, content, etc., that you can expect to see within these pages. I promise there will be mishaps too, and I also plan to report on those as well. So buckle up and hope on this wild ride with us!

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